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IPW Montessori Teacher Training Centre

IPW was born in July 1988 with the sole objective of making women and young girls self-sufficient so that they can provide additional economic support to their families and participate in the over all development of the country by inculcating self pride and independence. Over the years it has been our proud privilege to successfully complete this mission. The women and girls trained by as have spread all over the country and are leading a very happy and prosperous life.

Especially in the field of Montessori training the institute has done an outstanding job in the sense that our students have not only been accepted as Montessori teachers in leading public schools in India but also in foreign countries. We have adopted the same methods of teaching as prescribed by AMI, Netherlands and are associated with senior and respected educationists. We have had the privilege of patronage by the Principals and Directors of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Choithram School, Bhavans, Emerald Heights, Laurels International, Queens College and other leading schools.

We have held several seminars on Montessori Education that have been thought provoking, innovative and comprehensive and well received by the media, press and leading educational institutes. Senior educationists like Mr. M. Paranjape, Director SSVV have enlightened the students on the moral values that teachers should possess and the importance of Montessori Education. Mr. Rao, Principal DPS had spoken on the Montessori environment, Mrs. Cynthia James, Director NPS highlighted the qualities that a teacher's personality should reflect. Mr. Jha, Director SPS also discussed the need for Montessori Education and Dr. Smita Agrawal, Psychiatrist, had highlighted the effect of media on the minds of tiny tots. We have also had the privilege of having Mrs. Laxmi Krishnakumar, Director Montessori Training and Research Centre, Hyderabad, an AMI Center in India, spend two days with the students to discuss the Montessori method of education.

With the view to develop qualities of leadership and personality cult in women, IPW has been holding cultural programs every year so that girls and women can find their proper place in society. This includes development of organizational ability, cooperation and coordination skills and independent performance a wakening in them.

In the first eleven sessions from 1988 to 1999 as many as 1400 students were trained in various diplomas. The students of Textile Designing, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Graphic Designing, Advertising and Marketing and Secretarial Practice have implemented their training in form of teaching at institutes, opening boutiques, free lancing and working in officers. In the last 11 sessions we have restricted our training to Montessori Teacher Training and we have had an overwhelming response.


Scientific observation has established that education is not what the teacher gives ; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment. The task of the teacher becomes that of preparing a series of motives of cultural activity, spread over a specially prepared environment, and then refraining from obtrusive interference. Human teachers can only help the great work that is being done, as servants help the master. Doing so, they will be witnesses to the unfolding of the human soul and to the rising of a New Man, who will not be a victim of events, but will have the clarity of vision to direct and shape the future of human society.

Dr. Maria Montessori

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