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Vision and Mission

IPW Montessori Teacher Training Centre

In today's economic scenario of the country, women have to act as a steel frame of a happy family. She has to share equal responsibility with man in regard to the financial status, well being and upkeep of children and the house.

For that they need to be mentally equipped with one or the other professional background in order to meet the challenges. Even in public life women have to develop self confidence for participating in socio-economic progress of the country in the field of education, civil services, political field and religious functions. Institute of Professional Training for Women aims at providing basic tools such as perfection in spoken language, personality development and professional excellence.

IPW chose to impart vocational training to women as one of the methods to enhance the family income and economic status of families without absconding their responsibility from the housekeeping chores and children's upbringing. In that context one year rigorous training in Montessori method of teaching has been one of our pride contribution to the society.

It would not be out of place to mention that we are a pioneer institute in that field and we have earned an outstanding reputation from various educationists.

A Montessori school provides a prepared environment for children at each successive developmental plane where children are given freedom to work according to their inner urges. The child's natural interest in learning is encouraged by giving opportunities in spontaneous, purposeful activities with the guidance of a trained adult. Within a framework of order eliminating the bane of competition, the children progress at their own pace and rhythm, according to their individual capabilities. This environments allow them to take responsibility for their own education. A sophisticated balance between liberty and discipline is prevalent.

The teacher's role is to provide the right environment for the child and make sure that the child can work at his own development in peace and freedom. The adult should understand that it is the child who has to achieve his goals. The adult cannot do it for him. Therefore, the adult should learn not think, "I have to mould my child. I have to make him a doctor, engineer etc. "The role of building the child is that of nature and the child himself.


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